2019 Instagram hashtags: 8 gold rules you need to know and follow

Best tips to use Instagram hashtags on 2019

The hashtags on Instagram this 2019 are essential to increase the reach on Instagram, to connect with your target audience, even create awareness of a brand.

On this post, we are going to speak about maximizing your insta-marketing with the best hashtags practices on Instagram. From how to do a research to select the perfect hashtags to how to use them.

We know that finding the best hashtags for your brand is challenging, and that’s why, after a thorough research we have learn the best (and worst) practices. Below we have selected the 8 Gold Rules to help you with the hashtags on instagram during 2019, to enhance your brand.

Regla # 1: Do a research

You need to be aware of which hashtags use, otherwise you could end using lot of useless terms

We recommend to divide the research on the following stages:


Market research:  Analyse the terms your tarjet audience and competitors are using on their post. Is more likely that you will be able to see some common tendencies and get an idea for the hashtags you can use. Click on the hashtags you want, to check if are active or releveant for what you want to achieve.


Competitors research:  This will part of the market research, but focus exclusively on the competitors. Which hashtags are they using? Look up for common points and any new term you might consider of interest for your tarjet audience.

Use searching hashtags tools. We recommend you Hashtagify, will show you the popularity of each individual hashtag and the related terms. This might help you to identify high performance and high visibility hashtags to increase the users you reach and gain new followers.


InstaboomTip: use your own hashtag list.

While you search for the more suitable hashtags we recommend to collect the terms on orginized list. Divide them by hashtag tyoe. For example, is an interest niche for Game Of Throne followers? Is directed to users in certain locations? Keep all in opne document or schedule to see the hashtags by category so you can recover them if you need to. Belive me, this will save you plenty time and energy!


Regla # 2: Create a brand hashtags and share it constantly

A brand hashtag will help you to increase awareness of your brand, and also will become a relevant part of most of the quizes you might create and use on your post.

The perfect way of leading other users to find content source created for and by you.

When an users search a brand hashtag, the content generated by the owner of that hashtag is almost always the first they will see. This might be the push the users needs to buy, is an effective strategy.

The brand hashtags must be unique. Often, includes the brand name but you can also use something relevant for the business.

Make use your hashtag is simple, easy to write and use.


Regla # 3 Mix


Update the hashtags you are using, with the exception of you brand hashtag. Keeping variety, will help you to reach more interested users on your niche.

Use the hashtags as keywords, they must be related with the content on the post, not only with your account.

To make this easier, we recommend you to schedule your content in advance.

Create a content calendar with different types of post, then copy-paste different relevant hashtags for each one, thus each one has different sentences so will appear on different searches.


Regla #4 Place the hashtags under the principal content

The hashtags will be more effective as principal content, but this doesn’t mean that you want to overwhelmed the users immediately.

This, makes easier for the users to read the real subtitle and more susceptible to do it, but doesn’t hinders your reach.

This gold rule can slightly change. Actually, Instagram is testing a new posting format that will allow to mark your hashtag list on a designed block separated from, the title. A change like this, can upgrade the esthetic of the account with out jeopardizing the reach, but this is not active yet.


Regla #5: Use the hashtags your target audience is looking up

Hashtags can work similar than SEO. Doesn’t matter if you are the first for a keyword for a word anyone is looking up.

Sometimes, finding the audience can be hard. Let’s say you can to connect with a local food blogger to promote your restaurant, first you have to look up the associated hashtag with the food they are using. For example, “#foodie” “restaurantes ” “#restaurantesmadrid ” “#foodiesmadrid”.

Users similar to that account often use those hashtags, and if you appear on the search of them, you will bring their attention when check post using their hashtags. Take a peek to other users who are now following you too. Check out their post and the hashtags theyuse. Pobably, they will reflect the kind of sentences your use to connect with other users like them, you might get new ideas.


Regla #6 Make a list of hashtags you can mix together

There is several information about how much hashtags you should use per post. At the moment, we recommend to use between 5-10 hashtags. Is relevant to mix the hashtags together as much related and specific as possible. If you copy-paste the same hashtags on each post Instagram detects it, can mark you as SPAM and reduce the visibility of your post.

(Note: if you want to know if you are impacted by Instagarm Shadowban follow the link: https://triberr.com/instagram-shadowban-tester)


Regla # 7 Use hashtags on your stories

This way, when a user search that hashtag will be able to see your stories, in the case of having enough popularity. Those stories with hashtags will appear on the superior bar of the searches, right next to the follow bottom for the hashtag.


Regla #8 Add your brand hashtag on your profile biography

You should also add your brand hashtag to your profile. If you add the symbol # right next to the text, will became a clickable hashtag. This, helps spreading your brand, increases the UGC (specially if you place a call to action) and can send users directly to a galery of your brand.



Hashtags on Instagram are specially relevant for the growth of an account, so you have to use them properly. This includes research hashtags on Instagram this 2019 so you can choose the correct ones for you and use them strategically to increase the exposure of your account, evenboost some action on your followers.

Using hashtags you can always test different strategies and follow the best for you. Is hard to meassure the impact of hashtags on Instagram, but testing different strategies you can have an idea of which ones are working and why.


Clearly the use of hashtags on Instagram is the best option to help your account grow organically, and connect with your targewt audience creating a long term relationship.


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