What are you doing wrong on Instagram?

Six things you shouldn't do on Instagram
Social Media are an important part of our day, everyday are being update. Therefore, is not surprising that new rules are being added. On this post, we will discuss which mistakes you should avoid if you want to growth on Instagram without being harm by the algorithm:

RULE 1: Don’t buy likes or followers

Nobody likes to be cheated. In the social media universe, buying likes or followers is known as “fraud”. You can have a towering amount of followers on the counter but, that won’t matter if the engagement doesn’t match with the amount of followers and will end being more harmful than disadvantageous.

In fact, lately Instagram is getting serious on buying not real followers and likes and is taking actions to short out this issue deleting all those accounts that considers false or inactive, as well as likes and comments. Therefore, if you have bought followers, most likely during the following days you will see your following number decrease.

If you really want to grow on Instagram, you have to interact with your audience, listen to them and post accordingly their interests.

What should you be doing right now? Besides of interacting to reach as much users as you can to get your account and service more known. You should be sharing really interesting content, answering doubts and comments, doing quizes and using relevant hashtags to positionate your post. Posting stories and, as far as possible, answering DM and writing attractive text for your audience.


RULE 2: Don’t publish thoughtlessly

Is essential to have a schedule to post regularly. This, will also help you to be more creative and generate more content like stories, post, quizzes, videos, and if you have a brand, content about what’s behind the camera.

Remember, your audience also have little time. For example, if you post 50 Instagram Stories in one day, is more likely that a huge part of your followers don’t even get to see half of it. Your followers can get bored and skip your Stories until they get to another account Stories. Remember, all the content you post must be worthy, add value to your followers.

Our advice is don’t do test posting on different hours, different number of post or long texts to see which type of public is more open. Make Instagram statistics your best allied! There, you will find all the information you need to analyze the results without loosing followers.


RULE 3: Don’t publish inadequate content

Each social media is different, hence, posting content is different. If you want to spread your content and growth organically, you must use all the tools Instgaram is providing you. Like stickers, colors, type letters, and other tools that allow you to interact during Direct Instagrams.

You should have in mind that Instagram likes vertical format, hence, encourage it, so your post should be vertical instead of horizontal. The same way, your videos shouldn’t last much.


RULE 4: Don’t post the same content on different social media

If you have a Community Manager, will already kno, but you should take into account that control different social media doesn’t involve copy-page the same content on all of them. Each one works different and have audience with different expectations, therefore, use each one for it’s purpose!


-Hashtags don’t performance better on Instagram than Facebook

-Formal content performance better on Linkedin than Instagram

-Post from a blog performance better on Linkedin while a video will performance better on Snapchat

-Horizontal images performance better on Facebook and square ones together with vertical performance better on Instagram and Pinterest

RULE 5: Watch your orthography and grammar

Figure, you make all your efforts on creating the content strategy, you design perfect images with the best texts but you forget to review the text, and suddenly, once published you find a grammar or spelling mistake. Despite all your efforts, the first impression the post will cause won’t be good and unfortunately that’s the first thing your audience will see.

Note: check several times the text before posting it!

RULE 6: Don’t ignore your audience

To help you grow organically your Instagram account, the content should be similar as the accounts you consider relevant or inspiring, make repost generated by other users.

Is crucial to be aware of your tarjet audience and generate the content accordingly. Those are the users you need to engage, the ones you need feedback from.

Last but not least, remember to take seriously your content. Instagram is an informal and amusing social media. If there’s a platform where you can innovate and have fun that is Instagram.


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