Nine techniques to gain more followers on Instagram

Tips to gain more followers on Instagram

With all the changes on Instagram’s algorithm and the high amount of users on this social media, is getting harder to make an account grow. So, if you want to gain more visibility and followers, keep reading, you will learn different ways of reaching your target audience.


Tip #1: Gain more followers on Instagram with a complete biography on your profile

First, you have to make a first good impression for the user who goes to your account. Your feed, is the first opportunity you have to improve the opinion of other users, the better oppinion other users have about your account the more opportunities you will have for them to follow you.

Once other users visits your Instagram profile, decides in matter of seconds if they are interested on following you or not. How does an user get to that decision? In the first place, they do a fast scroll down on your feed, read your biography or click on your highlight stories. For this reason, you need to have a good profile photo, which draws the attention of other users; and effective biography, with a short description of what they can find on your account; and a similar topic for your post, if a user doesn’t link a topic with most of the post, is most likely that won’t follow you.

Adding up, if you select one or two similar filters to use on all your post, will give your account more attractiveness to your feed. This way, you can make sure all your post are following the same esthetic line and you will save time editing them.


Tip #2: Use Instagram Stories templates


If you post frequently (something you should be always doing), using templates will be easier and also, will help you save some time. This tip, will help you to have your stories on the same esthetic line, matching with your post, showing an harmonious visualization of your feed.


Tip #3: Show your brand through Instagram Highligh stories


Doubtlessly, the highlight stories give the opportunity of reaching new followers with your best content and show them your exclusive feed. If you are not sure of which content post on your highlights, think of them as they are you web site landing pages. For example, if you have an online shop, you are able to have different cathegories as dresses, shoes, coats, etc. Also, you can have frecuent questions, shipment information, etc. Use those cathegories to create your highlights.



Tip #4: Gain more followers on Instagram using hashtags and location labels on your stories


Did you know you can search stories by hashtags and location? This means, that even users that don’t follow you can check your stories. But, for this, you have to use hashtags and label location on your stories.

This is something brands are not using, so if your objective is to gain more followers, is time to start doing it. Instagram, is constantly updating their app for you to take advantage of it!

(Note: if you want to know more about which hashtags use click on the followng link:



Tip #5: Share selfies or your personal image to gain more followers


It’s obvious, Instagram, as well as Pinterest, is a visual social media. People want to follow accounts which they feel linked to, regardless is a brand, influencerss or people who they went to college with. Thus, is important to show, as much as possible, the person behind the account. Even brands should show the team behind the brand, the people who does all the work for their clients.

Did you know post with a face usually obtain 40% likes on Instagram? The users like to know who is behind the brand, ocasionally, we are interested on the brand or product itself, and that’s why influencers have became a brand themselves.



Tip #6: Promote your Instagram content on other Social Media to gain more followers


If you vinculate your Instagram account with other social media, you can share your Instagram content at the same time on other social media, reaching more users without spending more time. Sharing your Instagram content through other channels is an easy way of leading more users to your profile so is more likely to get those users, who already know you, to follow you.



Tip #7: Collaborations with other brands will help you to gain more followers on Instagram


The power of a collaboration is huge. Working with other brands will allow you to easily reach an audience other way you might not be able to reach. This way, when and Instagram user discovers your profile through a collaboration, usually you will have the same interest or same audience, so is more likely for them to follow you.

Collaborations don’t have to be complicated. The most important thing, is to select who you do the collaboration with, you should make sure the benefits will be for both sides.



Tip #8: Stablish long lasting collaborations with influencers to gain more followers


Influencer marketing allows to build new relationships, and if you start a collaboration with an influencer, will act as ambassador for your brand. The key, is to create long lasting collaborations instead of just a time-to-time relation through sponsorized post. To achieve this, we recommend you to start with mid-long collaborations and try different growth strategies, for example, with product draws.


Tip #9: Use some automated interaction tools like Instaboom to gain more followers


If you are trying to growth organic with real followers on Instagram and you don’t have enough time to connect with other potencial followers, you need an automated interaction system. Will allow you to reach a higher number of users increasing the odds of gaining new followers. This way, you will increase the visibility of your account, users following your competence will lead to your account and follow you. But, be careful, not all the automated systems work the same way and not all follow the limits stablished by Instagram. Before hiring, check reviews and search more about the service.

If you follow properly these tips, you will doubtlessly gain more followers! Remember, the key is a combination of creative content, interacting with the correct audience and promoting your business. Now, is time you start taking action on these tips and tell us about it!

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